Wow, what crazy times!


     Two months ago I promised to blog more, then the world changed. What crazy times we're in right now. Global pandemic, political craziness, quarantine and figuring out the new world.  Unlike most, the shelter in place order here in Missouri did not really change my life too much. As I've stated in past posts, being disabled and not driving, I don't leave the house very much.  My husband is an "essential worker" so other than not being able to accompany him to the grocery store, it's life as usual here.

     But, things have changed for me. I worry about my family more. Being distanced by hours from my children and grandchildren and half a country from my parents, siblings and extended family, I worry about their health (both physical and mental), finances and when I'll be able to see them again.  While video chatting is a treat to allow me to see some of them, it's not the same as in person contact.

      I've found myself having more fibro flares and depression days. I notice some days my anxiety is high and my physical pain from the fibro and other issues has been worse than in the last couple years.  I slipped down our stairs to our lower room yesterday. It was only three, carpeted stairs but I'm definitely feeling it today.  Some days my mind wants to create new jewelry, graphics and posts but my body won't let me. Other days my body is ready to work but my mind shuts down.

     I've decided that I need to "force" myself into a schedule to get through these times and come out the other side with my physical and mental health intact.  Today I'm a bit later with my social media posting, but partly that's because I decided to write this post (the other part was I got a little side tracked playing a game on my phone).  

     I hope all of you are able to find some "normalcy" during these times.  A shout out to all the nurses, doctors, daycare workers, grocery store workers, warehouse workers, janitors, gas station workers and all other essential and front line workers. You are the true heroes during this crisis.  States are starting to "reopen" and I hope that all of you stay safe.  Even though our government wants to return to "normal" (for their own selfish and political reasons), it's up to each of us to keep ourselves, family and community safe. Stay home, stay safe and stay sane.

Until next time....



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