We're Back Baby! (Ok, technically I'M back!)

Spring is a time for renewal. Though it's not technically Spring yet, I've decided to "renew" the Bella Ornamenti blog. It's been so long since I've have the energy to actually write a blog post. Over the last couple years so much has happened personally and professionally that has kept me from this page. But I'm feeling rejuvenated so the BLOG IS BACK! 

Since this is the first post in almost 2 years, I won't inundate you all with products and boring things like that. Rather, I'd like to ask YOU what type of content you'd like to see most on the blog. So be sure to leave a comment with what you'd like - New Products, Jewelry Care Tips, Random Thoughts, A peek into my Personal Life, etc...

I will leave you with the most amazing thing that has happened since the last blog post, my grandson Declan! He just turned one. 

Until Next Time (which I promise will actually be later this week!)...



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