4 Awesome Apps That Give You Cash or Gift Cards

I know, I know, not my usual type of post BUT I seriously LOVE these apps and thought I'd share with you! If you love money (ya who doesn't right?) and gift cards then you'll love these apps. I personally use each of these and have earned (in fact, Christmas 2016 was paid for from using these apps!).

  • Ibotta - This one is a no-brainer, earn cash back for your grocery shopping. You read that right, earn cash from doing your shopping.
  • QuickThoughts - Sorry no direct link, but if you go to the Google Store or App Store you can find it. This one paid for most of Christmas. Earn $10 Amazon Gift cards by taking quick surveys. I've earned over $500 in Amazon cards since using this!
  • Perk - Perk has a few different apps you can use to earn points. I got the debit card and it's great when I deposit cash onto it. My favorite app is the Scratch & Win
  • MediaInsiders - This is the easiest, just download the app. Occasionally you'll get quick, 5 second surveys too. Earn cash or gift cards. This is a "set it and forget it" type app!

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