Ah, David Bowie, you are missed! But alas, this post is not about the legend but rather about change in general.  While change can be frightening, it can also be exhilarating.  One thing is definite, change happens and there's usually nothing we can do to change that fact.  Summer changes to Autumn, children change into adults, relationships change and business changes.  I've gone through so many changes in recent years, both personal and business.  Some of these changes were out of my control (becoming disabled) and some were welcome (starting my business).  While it's taken me years to accept my disability (and it's something I'm still working on each day), this change led me to create my business.  Of course I'd never want to be disabled, it has had some positive impacts on my life.  Embrace change, whether good or bad as sometimes even the bad changes can lead to good!

     From high end to "costume", there's well made and cheaply made jewelry both online and in big box stores.  Regardless of the price, most of that jewelry is mass produced in foreign countries.  When was the last time you met or talked to the person who made the bracelet you bought at Wal-mart?  After the usual 30 days, what happens when that necklace you bought from Macy's breaks?  Read the top five reasons you should be buying handmade jewelry and avoid these situations!

  1. Each piece is created by hand with attention to detail.  Handmade jewelry designers put a little bit of themselves into each piece. They take pride in the pieces they create.  The quality of handmade jewelry is higher than that of mass produce jewelry.  Even handmade "costume" jewelry is crafted better than store bought.
  2. You usually buy directly from the person who created the jewelry. You can talk with them, know the story of how they started and ask questions.
  3. Many handmade jewelry artists will guarantee their work and repair broken pieces long after 30 days.  I offer a LIFETIME free repair or replace guarantee for my business. He may have gone to Jared, but in 5 years Jared will charge her to fix her broken necklace.
  4. The handmade jewelry your buying is made by one person. A "micro" small business. Each sale of their jewelry helps pay the mortgage, put food on the table or send their child to college.  When you buy from a big box store, you're lining the pockets of the CEO.
  5. Uniqueness - Even if it's a piece they've made many times, no two pieces of jewelry made by hand will ever be exactly alike. Each piece you purchase will be a true one of a kind.
Support small & local businesses. Keep our money in your town/city and out of the hands of high paid CEO's.

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