It's been a long time, been a long time, be a long...

Be truthful, how many of you sang the title to this post? Sorry I've been away for so long, as you can can imagine, life gets in the way sometimes. Before I go off on one of my long winded rants, um I mean posts, let me share a funny picture!

While I don't usually have voices in my head (the dogs don't count right? I tell them not to talk so much but they don't listen!), I do have a few "mental health" issues. Oooh a touchy and taboo subject right? NOOO! I hate that it is a touchy subject with many people. I have anxiety and depression. Yup, fun loving, goofy me!  While I had bouts of depression through my teens and had a few anxiety attacks over the years, it wasn't until my disability that they both came on strong.  I used to be able to go workout 4-5 times a week, work with the public 60-70 hours a week, go out on weekends and basically live a "normal" life. Then, as I've posted about before, in 2013 my injury then accident then boom I'm disabled.

While I could handle the physical (to a point) aspects of my disability, I wasn't ready for the mental and emotional aspects. For the first time I was unable to be around a lot of people. Everything "stressed me out", panic attacks, cry fits, not wanting to get out of bed, shower or eat. Thankfully I have an amazing husband who is beyond supportive, a great network of friends and family and great doctors. Through medications, therapy and accepting my new "normal", I can get by most days/weeks/months.

Due to some unforeseen personal issues and being without insurance for a time, my depression and anxiety got worse over the last several months.  This caused me to only get done the absolute minimum, be it business or personal. While I still made jewelry occasionally and made sure orders were shipped, I neglected this blog and other marketing.

Good news is................. I'm back BABY! So look for weekly (or more often if I feel like it!) posts ranging from rants to small business info to new products!

Until next time...



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