Two Years! Can you believe it? (Me either!!)

Can you believe that Bella Ornamenti has been in "official" business for two years now? Wow, how far this business has come.  Thank you to everyone who has been along for the entire ride, you've seen all the ups and downs and many, many changes. Here's a little photo look at how the logo has changed over those 2 years (Oh and the name too!)

So be honest, which incarnation is your favorite?  Well, you know our story - Bella Ornamenti began as a hobby, turned to an Etsy business under Bellissimi Ornamenti (which means the same as Bella Ornamenti, not sure why I chose the more difficult pronunciation to start with!) then we went to our own website and changed names and now we have representatives in SEVEN states! I know this is cliche, but What a long strange trip it's been!

This is the latest "flyer" graphic for our brand new Representative Opportunity. It's a pretty great program if I do say so myself! We have 2 different options - Online Representative - $24.99 and Independent Representative - $74.99. The difference is whether you want to sell online or online and in person (well and what you get in your kit too!). Our second representative to sign up became a Director in a week! She now has 4 reps directly under her and one of her reps has one rep under them! If you're interested in becoming a representative, you can see more information (and sign up ) by clicking on the photo!


If you like entering giveaways, head over to our sister Facebook Page - and enter the giveaway going on now. It ends February 8!

Lastly, here's a sneak peek at some new items that will be coming to our web store soon!

Until Next Time...



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