Keeping it all professional this week (well, maybe not all...)

When have you ever known me to keep it all professional right? I bet most of you were laughing when you read the title of this post (I know I giggled when I wrote it!). But, on a serious note, I'm going to share a bit of my knowledge with you today.

How many of you are on LinkedIn? How many of you have spent any time on your profile? When I was still managing a restaurant, I had my profile on LinkedIn but I didn't really spend any time on "perfecting" it and making it professional. Now that I not only own my own business, but also run our non-profit foundation, LinkedIn has become an important asset.

While most people think of LinkedIn as a place to "post your resume", that is only part of it, it's a place to sell yourself! I've spent time "perfecting" my profile to show an accurate and professional me.  The same for my business page and foundation page on Facebook. I've spent time (and need to refine again) with my profiles, not just slap up the minimum information.

There are great groups in any field to join and network with others in similar fields on LinkedIn. For me, I joined a few marketing groups in addition to a few non-profit management groups. Since my main goal on there is to promote my foundation and learn from more experienced people, that may not work for you. 

When it comes to my jewelry business, Facebook groups are a great place to meet others in similar fields. I'm a member of gem groups, beading groups, wire work groups and other "jewelry" based groups. The groups that have been the most beneficial to my business though, are my networking groups. I was talked into taking over admin. duties of the Social Networking & Support Group. When I first joined, the group was a mess with over 500 members and no one "keeping control" over things. While the membership stands at a little over 100 right now, there is actually better engagement. I urge anyone with a business or cause that they would like to increase Social Media reach and engagement to join our group.

Another group that has been great for networking and ideas is BOOST My Business.  You may remember the review I did for the business coaching I received a while back, well the amazing coach, Donna, runs this group. VERY helpful and professional.

Ok, now that all the professional stuff is out of the way, I'll post something "less serious". Give me a WooHoo because our Online Benefit Auction for the Be a #BellaOriginal Foundation Inc. starts this week,Sept. 25th at 7 pm Central to be exact! There are so many amazing items (and more still to come!). I'll do a post on Tuesday with more details. For now, click on the link under the picture to visit our Facebook page for the foundation and find the post to enter :)

Until Next Time...



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