Things may get weird(er)!☺

Can things really get any more weird here?

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you know sometimes I can get a little weird from time to time. Well, things may get a bit weirder over the next 8 weeks. As I begin another semester in my quarter century college career with a class on Social Media, one of our "projects" is a blog. Since I already have this one and you all know me so well, I figure you wouldn't mind if I use it for my class. You'll see an introduction post over the next week as well as our weekly assignments. I promise to compensate you all after the class is over for putting up with my seemingly strange posts! Ok now on to the fun stuff.

BMB "Boost My Business" Coaching

Last week I did a business spotlight and told you how I was getting my own coaching session and I would post a review. Well here it is - 

Last Thursday I had the privilege of receiving my free 30 minute coaching session with Donna  Scharfenberg, owner of BMB "Boost My Business" Coaching. I wasn't sure what to expect going into this call. I had "spoken" with Donna over chats/Facebook prior to the call, but I will admit to being nervous as I dialed the phone. Donna has a soothing voice and I was instantly put at ease. Prior to our session I received a couple forms to fill out, nothing complicated, just a way for her to know what I was looking to get out of our session. It was like talking with an old friend and the 30 minutes went by way too fast! While I am on the right track with my business goals, Donna "boosted" my confidence. I'm not going to go too much into detail, but I HIGHLY recommend her services, whether for business or personal coaching. 

I promise you won't be disappointed!


Did you get a chance to check out the second "Watch Me Work" video that I posted to our YouTube channel? Let me know what you think (comment below!) 


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