It's too hot to handle!

I'm of the school that when it's cold you can always put on more clothes but when it's hot you can only legally take off so much!  Lately I've felt like I'm melting with this Missouri summer (give me New England winters from my childhood with feet of snow, snow forts and snowmobiling at my grandparents house!)


Do you like dragons? I like them, I think they're pretty cool. For a while now I've been lucky to know (online that is) a wonderful woman who sculpts the most amazing dragons (and if anyone wants to buy me one I wouldn't say no!)

Spotlight on Donnas Dragons

How beautiful is this dragon? Not only is Donna amazingly talented, but she's also a wonderful person.  I love that she "adopts" out her dragons on Fridays in her Etsy shop. She doesn't maintain a "regular" inventory. You have to follow her on Facebook - Donna Dragons for the updates as well as pictures of her wonderful dragons. 

She makes her dragons in so many styles and colors, but you can always tell when it's a Donnas Dragon. I love that about her work. And her little mini dragons are too cute. 

Be sure to check out her Etsy Shop - occasionally there are a couple leftovers from the previous Friday's adoption. Show her shop some love and adopt a dragon, they all deserve a good home.


New feature - Watch Me Work videos on YouTube! Some will show me making a new item, some may talk about caring for your jewelry or different metals and stones. 

Be sure to subscribe to Bella Ornamenti's YouTube for updates!

And don't forget about my personal GoFundMe please. We can still use some angels to help us out!

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