Hey, it's Wednesday!

Psst... guess what? It's Wednesday!

I had planned to share new items I've made with you this week, but I must confess, I haven't been able to create.  My personal life has caused my brain to go a bit wonky and hindered my creativity. First, I'll share with you what has been going on, then I'll be asking a favor.

I've posted many times regarding my disability, so I'll spare the details of that (if you haven't read them, check earlier posts for the details).  A couple weeks ago my husband slipped and fell in our bathroom. He hurt enough to warrant an ER trip. At first his back was sore but mainly the pain was in his hip and leg. His leg healed, but his back is worse. He went this morning for an MRI. We're not sure how long he'll be out of work and he does not have any paid time off. We did apply for short term disability through his work, but not sure if/when that will go through.

Needless to say, with my only income being my jewelry sales and not having his income, we're strapped financially. I have borrowed all I can from family and after much reflection (and with trepidation) I set up a GoFundMe account to help with expenses. The link is on the right top ---> (over there)

Ok, that's out of the way.  Now I'll show a couple new items I did make just a bit ago that are on sale on my Facebook page, Bella Ornamenti (it's pinned to the top of the page!)

Until Next Time...



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