What a long strange trip it's been (or Yay it's Friday!)

Yay (or not), It's FRIDAY! Of course for those like me, Friday is just another day.  Who's ready for a little rant? Aw come on, you all know you love my rants lol. This one is about my Chiropractor experience this week.  I've talked before about all my physical issues that have caused me to become disabled. Well, my neck and lower back pain have been getting worse. The pills the Neurologist gave me are not working. So I decided maybe a Chiropractor may help me.

So, my insurance had three listed in my town. I called the first and made an appointment for Wednesday morning. My first clue should have been the amount of "natural" products behind the counter and the video touting auras and all that. Now, I have no problems with people who believe in that. Friends of mine believe heavily in crystals, chakras and all that and I respect their views. But for me personally, I prefer science when it comes to healing my body. The whole reason I want to see a Chiropractor is to hopefully get off some of the meds I'm on. So, I go into the room. The "dr" asked my husband to come in too. Ok, weird. But I shall proceed.

So he has me lay on the table on my back. Now I went to a chiro. back in 2004-05. I remember laying face down for him to do his work on my back. So the guy is on my right side and his assistant/receptionist is on my left. He takes a bottle of the shelf, puts it on my stomach, touches the assistant arm and says I have chemicals in my body. Takes another bottle, on my belly, touches her arm and says me neck is out. This goes on for a good 15 minutes.  Hubby keeps rolling his eyes lol  So then he takes me in for xrays. Then we go to the front and he asks for me to come that afternoon. (Um, ya I think not) tries to sell us some things.  I told receptionist I'd call them (she could tell we were NEVER going back).

BUT I did not give up on Chiropractic care as I know it works. So I get home and call the next one and get in Thursday morning. Yup, place looks like a doctors office. Nope, no "snake oil" behind the counter. Go into the the room. He asks some questions. Feels around on my spine and beings to snap crackle and pop. Guess what, I walked out a bit better than I walked in. Made another appointment for next week. Now, as expected, I'm sore as hell today. I know it will take a few visits to notice results, but thankfully I found one who is not a total WACKADOO!

Now that you've heard my rant, I shall go on to other things :)

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