7 Facts About Handmade Jewelry (you may not know already!)

7 Facts About Handmade Jewelry (you may not know already!)

  1.  Handmade jewelry is in high demand right now - One look at the popular site Etsy shows that there are over 1 MILLION listings in handmade jewelry. (This is one reason I moved my business off of Etsy and onto my own site!)
  2. Exceptional attention to detail as well as fine workmanship (In other words, it is not a mass produced in a factory pieces, that you will see on every other person)
  3. Creative Materials - For instance, I use copper washers for some of my personalized necklaces and key chains. I'm also working on an "Upcycled" line using some odd and different found objects to create unique, one of a kind pieces.
  4. Customized - Most handmade jewelry designers (Myself included) welcome the chance to design a piece especially for a customer. I love when a customer comes to me with an idea and I'm able to translate that into a beautiful piece for them!
  5. Better Materials - Handmade jewelers tend to source and use higher quality materials than mass produced jewelry
  6. Higher Quality - Handmade jewelers put a bit of themselves into each piece they create. Because each piece is made one at a time, the attention to detail and quality are much greater than mass produced pieces.
  7. Locally Made (ie Small Business) - When you buy from a handmade jeweler in your city or town, you're supporting your local economy. When you buy from me, you're helping a disabled woman help to provide for her family. So you're not helping some CEO get richer, you're helping the single mom, the disabled person, the soccer mom, the person next door!

I've made an infographic that I've added to my Pinterest Page (www.pinterest.com/bellaornam)

If you visit my Pinterest you can see the full version. It's not a full 7 reasons, but it does highlight the major selling points of my handmade jewelry

What's New at Bella Ornamenti!

While I have been working on some cool "human" jewelry that I hope to photograph and have on the site later this week, the newest items I have listed go to the dogs (and cats or any other domesticated animal you may choose to own - I would love a pig or monkey but my husband won't let me!)

There are a couple more, but I didn't want to clog up the blog! You can click on either photo to be brought to it's page on my site. To see all the new arrivals, just scroll to the bottom of any page on my site and you can click on New Arrivals!

What do YOU want to see?

What new jewelry pieces would you like to see me create? Let me know in the comments below. If I use YOUR idea, you may have a chance to receive that item for FREE. So comment away!

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