Happy Groundhogs Day! (and not so happy Monday for some!)

Happy Groundhog's Day

I prefer to celebrate Bill Murray's movie rather than the furry creature in PA whose emergence and seeing the sun (or not) has nothing to do with when Winter will end! But for those who believe, enjoy your day!

#NewEnglandPatriots #SuperBowl2015 Champions!!

As a Massachusetts native, I'm ecstatic my Pats won!! What a game. So many ups and downs. I've never seen a game with so few called penalties (there were a few that SHOULD have been called against the Patriots) And how about that catch from the Seahawks player when he was ON THE GROUND! And I hope the injured players from the Seahawks make speedy recoveries, I don't wish harm on any players.  So, in honor of my teams win, use Coupon Code PATRIOTS15 for 25% off ANY size order through 2/14! And in case you "lost" the link to my shop, it's www.etsy.com/shop/bellissimiornamenti (OR just look to the right and you'll see some items - click on them and they'll take you there!)

Well, though I didn't attend a party last night nor did I drink, due to my Fibromyalgia, I'm in a heap of pain this morning. I'm off to relax a bit before working some more on my .com website! I hope to launch it on March 1!! Stay tuned!

Until next time...



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