Think Spring & Fun! (though it's hard when there's a snow storm coming!!)

From the midwest to the northeast, we've been hit hard with snow storms this season. I grew up in Massachusetts and I'm a little saddened that I don't live there now as they are about to reach all time record snow levels. Yes, I LOVE SNOW! No I don't like shoveling it, or being around people who do not know how to drive when there's 1/2" of snow (like many here in Missouri - sorry no disrespect intended, but people here can not drive in rain, let alone snow!).  There's something soothing about snowfall. I also must admit that I love watching my dogs play in the snow! They're are a sight to see.

It's been a rough week for me personally as I had my disability hearing this past Wednesday. I won't know the results for up to 2 months, but the stress leading up to the hearing cause a major fibro flare. What that means is my normal daily pain level of about 6-7 (on a scale of 10) was elevated to a 9 and yesterday reached a 10. While at my rheumatologist they gave me a lovely shot in the butt. It helped for a while, though I'm not back to a 10, I am at an 8. Hopefully it will lessen. But enough of the snow and pain, on to the FUN!!!


Ok, you may be saying - You've been open for a year now. Well.... ok that's true to an extent. BUT, the brand spanking new Bella Ornamenti WEBSITE has only been live for less than a month! So, we're going to celebrate it's OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING from March 1 - March 15. There's a giveaway (if you look to the right on top you'll see it, but wait, it doesn't start until midnight on the 1st!!)

In addition to the giveaway, I'm also going to be holding specials, games and other fun things in my Facebook Fan Group and on Twitter so be sure to join the group and follow me on Twitter (both of which are mandatory to enter the giveaway anyway!) I may also add some special things to Instagram so follow me there too!  It's going to be TWO WEEKS of Fun, Festivities and Games!!! YAY!!!

Until Next Time...



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