My other passions

Happy Sunday!!

You all know about my passion for creating jewelry, but today I wanted to tell you about my other passions. There's a few, so to make it easier on your eyes, I'll make a bullet list!

  • Rescue Animals - I don't understand why people insist on paying hundreds of dollars for an animal when there are so many who need to be adopted! And yes, I have rescue animals - 2 dogs and 2 ferrets. My animals were rescued from the amazing Central Missouri Humane Society.   I also have created a line of jewelry in which 50% of the proceeds are donated to Barks of Love Animal Rescue

  • Breast Cancer - My mother is a breast cancer survivor and my hero. I wasn't able to be with her as she went through surgery, chemo and radiation. She's such an amazing and strong woman.
  • Bullying - I was bullied by a few kids in grade school, but one in particular from the first day of kindergarten until high school. I don't know why, but it's an experience I'd never wish on anyone. Then my youngest daughter was bullied. I was able to give her the strength needed to stop the bullying and the teacher who allowed it to happened in her class!
  • Lastly - Music - I love all music. I played the violin in grade school and middle school. My husband plays the bass in a band. I've seen many concerts - Billy Joel, Tom Petty, Chicago, The Beach Boys, Kiss, Seether, My Darkest Days and many more.  I'm hooked on The Smashing Satellites new EP. Growing up in the 80's, it's very reminiscent of the music I listened to back then.  And I must confess to having a crush on Sal Costa, the lead singer. BUT, it's not the physical crush most people get on someone.  Following him on social media, I've come to appreciate his passions in life. I admire him as a person (and his wife is gorgeous!)

Ok, so I've told you about my passions, now tell me yours in the comments!

Until next time...



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