2015 - What a year it's been so far! LOL

Good Morning and happy Hump Day! It's only January 7 and oh what a year it's been already. I'm actually taking a bit of a break from promoting/marketing and taking some "ME" time! I think I deserve it after the overwhelming December I had. The good news for you, I'll be creating NEW items! WooHoo.

Tomorrow I will have a "Spotlight Business" for you to enjoy.

Personally, I'm having a rough month. Anxiety and Fibro symptoms are horrendous. Went to see the neurologist yesterday. Not liking his theory and the potential for surgery on my head. But, until the MRI and follow up visit, I must put this out of my head.

I go to see my Social Security Disability lawyer today. Hoping she has good things to say about my chances at my hearing next month. Fingers crossed that I'll be approved and can finally breath again, not worrying about paying the bills.

Ok, here's some lighter stuff! Have you seen the new funny pet tags/keychains I've made?? Well here they are for your viewing pleasure (and if you click on them, they'll take you to the page to order!!) I'm working on some new ones too.

Until next time..........



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