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As one year comes to a close...

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....Please!

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like.... Thanksgiving!

Oh what glorious sights I have to show you!

Part 2 - 10 Things all small businesses should be doing.

Part 1 - 10 Things all small businesses should be doing

October is the best month!

Ack, is that what I sound like?

TGIF - Get your bidding fingers ready!!

Keeping it all professional this week (well, maybe not all...)

Bullies Suck!

Sing, Sing a Song, Sing out Loud, Sing out Strong!

Video Introduction to Be a #BellaOriginal™

You know you want this!

Be a #BellaOriginal - What is it all about?

Hey look, it's ME!!

Things may get weird(er)!☺

"Watch Me Work" Episode #2

The creativity process in jewelry design (or how I go from 0 to 60)

It's too hot to handle!