Rants, Raves and General Musings.

It's been an eventful few weeks here, both personally and business wise.  Personally, I need say to that I'm so glad to finally be living in a home where we have amazing neighbors! Our house has four units and the other three are filled with great people (and they all have animals!).

Now on to business. This month started off great, with a sale the first day! My shop gets so many views/likes/favorites. Now, help me figure out how to get all of you to purchase all my great pieces that you love so much. It's ok though, since I truly do this because I LOVE to make jewelry. If it were a "job", I wouldn't be doing it!  With my fibromyalgia, one trigger of symptoms is stress. So, I create jewelry because it lowers my stress. If I let this "business" become stressful, it would totally go against the whole reason I started.

While selling tons of jewelry and making lots of money would be wonderful (heck, who doesn't love money lol), that really is not the reason I do it.  Today I got a facebook message from my neighbor. She saw one of my copper bracelets on facebook and asked if I had any others. I recently made this cool braided one, so I sent her a picture. She loved it and asked if she could come of to purchase it as her arthritis is acting up and copper has properties reported to help. She asked how much it was. Well, I have it listed in my shop for $17 but I told her $10. Why did I do this? 1) She's my neighbor and a great lady 2) I know she's disabled like me and 3) I LOVE helping people.

Now, I'm not in a business to lose money, but my items are fairly priced with enough cushion that if I choose to offer pieces for less than my usual retail, I can and still make a small profit. The greatest profit for me today was seeing a smile on her face! I made a difference in someones life. That, to me, is why I do this!

Ok, enough of my rambling for the evening. Enjoy your night.


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