Happy Thanksgiving and all that stuff

Yes, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, but I figured no one would read this then, so I'm posting it early!  It's hard this time of year to focus on the true meaning of the holidays with all the commercialism being thrown at us.  Be sure to take some time tomorrow to truly be thankful for what you have.

I'm thankful for - 
  • My wonderful husband who supports me no matter what!
  • My 5 wonderful children. Though 2 of you are not by birth, I love you as if you were.
  • My three adorable grandkids. I couldn't be more proud
  • My parents - You are my heroes!
  • My brother and sisters - my first friends
  • My cousins - we are all as close as siblings and I love you all (spouses too!)
  • The rest of my family and my friends - Thank you for being in my life.
  • My furbabies - Dogs, Dory & Newton and Ferrets, Morgan & Bailey. You bring so much joy into my life
  • And finally to my fans and customers - Without you, this wouldn't be possible!

Ok, now that we've all been thankful, I'm going to throw some commercialism at you ;)

Now that's done...

Until next time,



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