Creative Process and my wild thoughts

I've known for a long time that I'm not normal. Perhaps I'm even a bit "crazy". But I'm ok with it. Why, you ask, would I be ok with being "crazy"? Well, it's simple. My craziness allows me to get some unbelievable thoughts and ideas - some of which have translated into amazing pieces of art.

Yes, my jewelry is art.  Of course they're also accessories that you can wear to enhance an ensemble. (I'm using flowery words today!).  Not all my ideas translate well into a great piece of art. I've made some (ahem) bad pieces of jewelry in the past.  BUT - they were still a learning experience.  Whether I was able to learn a new technique or color combinations, I learned SOMETHING.

So what's my point to this post? I guess nothing really, other than 1 - Be yourself, 2 - Embrace your Craziness, 3 - Use your mistakes as learning tools and 4 - I love what I do!!



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