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Why does my jewelry turn my skin green?

You know the routine: you just purchased a gorgeous new piece of jewelry and you can’t wait to show it off! You accessorize it with a stylish outfit and then, as the day unfolds, you’ve got a green ring around your finger or wrist.What’s up with that? You can’t help but wonder, “why is my jewelry turning my skin green?” You’re not alone! Contrary to popular belief that cheap jewelry causes skin discoloration, jewelry turns skin green as the result of a chemical reaction. Essentially, the type of jewelry metal and it’s reaction when mixed with skin acids or body lotions generates an unsightly green hue on your skin.Should you toss out all items of jewelry that discolor your skin? Not just yet. Keep reading as we explain why jewelry turns your skin green, and how to avoid it.

Why is My Jewelry Turning My Skin Green?Most likely, your skin turned green from wearing copper jewelry. However, there are a variety of jewelry metals that turn your skin green. It’s essentially an oxidation proces…

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